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e-Business is not just about web-enabling existing systems or business processes. It means leveraging the power of Internet technologies for the benefit of all stakeholders. Identifying opportunities for improvement, extending, enhancing or transforming business processes, choosing wisely among available options, creating, building, and deploying eBusiness solutions rapidly are all keys to success. Marvel's implementation methodology tells you more about how to be successful in implementing and e-Business Scenario.
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Industry has always been customer focused. Handling programs like the 'frequent flyer' Program is not an easy task when one takes the scale of operations of an International Airport like that of Abu Dhabi. The application made by Marvel was very useful for the monitoring of their frequent flyers program called 'Merhaba'.
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Construction and Real estate
as an industry world-over faces a stiff competition due to increasing costs, competition and resource limitations. Managing these has always been the prime concern of the Companies in the Industry. Managing the Project development, Contracting and Sub Contracting, Asset Management, Project Costing and complex Financial Adjustments need to be understood and any application developed for such vertical should encompass these. Marvel's understanding of this vertical has been incomparable and it has helped its clients to make the most of this knowledge.
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Investment and Finance
in fast pace of change in the global financial markets has created the need for a new generation of solutions that operate in real time with flawless reliability. The challenges faced by the Financial sector force market participants to keep pace with technological advances and become more proactive and efficient while reducing costs and risks. Marvel has been catering to the Financial Sector in diversified segments and makes the applications dependable, reliable and more cost effective.
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and Public Sector clients of Marvel are harnessing the power of information technology to improve performance. Marvel provides and customizes Oracle Applications for Civilian and Federal agencies as well as state and local governments, globally.
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is competitive environment, the ability of manufacturers to retain and increase their market share depends on the ability to contain costs, improve operating efficiencies and decrease time-to-market for the new products. Marvel's Oracle Practices provide a range of solutions that address these issues. Our commitment to customers and a proven track record of meeting their business needs have resulted in long-standing relationships with manufacturing majors.
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and entertainment industry had grown by leaps and bounds during the last decade. It had invariably called for unprecedented competition and has become inevitable that the Media house that manages their resources better will be competitive and has the operational advantage. Marvel has been extending its services to a couple of Media Houses to exploit the potential of Information Technology for managing, controlling and administering their resources well and making them competitive in the Industry.
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have adopted some of the most complex Business Processes and Marvel understanding about these Business Processes has been phenomenal. So intricate were the applications designed and implemented for that industry that we are one of the preferred Oracle Implementers for Enterprise Application requirements across the Middle East for this Industry vertical.
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Retail and Consumer Goods
industry faces complex inter-related issues such as ever-transient customer preferences, diminishing low operational margins, competition from existing & emerging store formats and the continuous pressure to create increasing value for share holders. This compels the retailers to perpetually innovate in every set of activity they manage including forecasting, assortment planning, sourcing, logistics, managing multiple sales channels and returns handling.
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industry has seen unprecedented competition in the recent times. With mobile telecommunications services becoming the most critical, Marvel has developed applications using Oracle technology to cater to the Financial Management with the Pre-Paid Service offerings of the Kuwait telecom Giant. This optimizes their Financial Operations in managing this service of them.
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processes comprise transport processes, warehousing, cargo handling, order processing, inventory management, and other services. The suppliers in this market for logistics services include forwarders and trucking companies, the logistics subsidiaries of shipping companies, integrators and postal service companies.

The Global Logistics Industry faces challenges in compressing cycle times, reducing inventory, improving return on assets, product proliferation on global scale, integration of functions & enterprises.
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