» Consulting Services
» Project Management Services
» Oracle Development Services
» Upgrade Services
» Migration and Integration Services
» Database Administration Services
» Geospatial Services
Photogrammetry Services
Marvel IT Solutions has an experienced Photogrammetry team equipped with the latest digital soft copy Photogrammetry systems. We offer leading edge, professional mapping services which are time and cost effective with 100% client satisfaction.
We Offer comprehensive services in the field of Digital Photogrammetry in which we are capable of handling Stereo aerial including airborne-lidar and satellite images (in digital or "scanned" formats) to generate:
» High precision mapping services.
» Generation of Digital Elevation Models /DTM/DSM.
» Superior quality orthorectification Procedures.
» Infrastructure and Utilities mapping.
» 3-D modeling and.
» Variety of value-added products.
Photogrammetry Services
GIS Services
Marvel IT Solutions has extensive experience in dealing with issues associated with land base facility database conversion and has assisted utility companies, municipalities, planning agencies, consulting firms, facility managers, town planners, architects and engineers.
We offer a full range of geospatial consulting services including :
» User Needs Assessment and Requirements Specification
» Project Planning
» System and database design
» Database Development
» Data modeling
» Application Coding
» Quality Assurance
» Project management
» Documentation
» Installation & Training
» Post Installation Support
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GIS Application development and Migration
» Desktop Customization.
» Stand alone desktop GIS applications development
» Web/mobile GIS applications Development.
» Application reengineering / Migration
» GIS/Utilities Management System Integration: electrical, oil, gas, transportation, water & Logistics
GIS Data Conversion
» Contour mapping
» Generating value added products from high accuracy elevation data.
» Thematic mapping/editing.
» AM / FM and Resource Mapping
» Land base Conversion
» CAD conversions.
» Database Maintenance
GIS services
Geo-Database Design
» System Design
» Conceptual Database Design
» Application System Design
» RDBMS Configuration
» SDE Integration
» Modeling and Analysis - 2D, 3D
GIS services
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GIS/ Land Information Systems
Development of enterprise wide systems, Facilities management databases,parcel ,land base and management for governments and utility companies.
Development Agencies- Property Enumeration, Building & Planning:
» Property Mapping and Database Integration
» Property Classification for Reassessment
Spatial Decision Support system with up to date information on proposed development, zoning, land use, housing code enforcement, building condition, occupancy analysis and community development
Public Works:
» Creation of digital maps with location information on street lights, roads, parks and storm water drains
» Generation of reports and work schedules for maintenance staff
Routing optimization for solid waste collection
» Spatial inventory of water/wastewater network
» Complaint and report tracking
» Spatial Decision Support system for disease monitoring and emergency preparedness
» Identification of impact zones
Planning for control measures and effective response
» Online project tracking, fund allocation and accounting
Location based Services
» Fleet Management & Logistics
» Routing and Scheduling
Location based Services
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